Meet the Band

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“Explaining that this duo tap dances and plays musical instruments is like describing Cirque du Soleil as an acrobatic troupe. True by definition, but the effect of the performance is beyond words.
— C Zarlengo Sposto, Broadway World


Swedish Jam Factory is a tap dance/music duo based in Los Angeles, California, pioneering a hybrid of tap dance and musical expression. 

Imagine a Gene Kelly-Donald O'Connor duo, but instead of the quite expected tap breaks one might find in  "Singin' in the Rain," the duo plays bluegrass instruments, or breaks into a saxophone solo, and somehow an accordion pops up. It's paradiddle-heel combinations paired with percussive piano and guitar lines, paired with body-beats, paired with.... you get the idea. It's Vivaldi and Mozart meet Gregory Hines and Savion Glover.  

It is a show of quick-footed, rhythmic, melodic expression- an explosion of physical, musical energy.  

Pretty much the band couldn't find a drummer, so they had to make do with tap shoes.

Swedish Jam Factory is made up of members Thomas Bergstig, from Stockholm, Sweden, and Isaac Middleton, from Harlan, Kentucky, USA.  They met while working at a local theatre in Memphis, Tennessee. What started as tapping together to kill time on breaks during rehearsals took on a life of it’s own. Before you knew it, one was strumming a mandolin and tap dancing, while the other did the same with the piano.

Since 2016, the duo has been playing clubs in the US and appearing on television shows in Sweden and Germany.  A debut album is in the works while the band continues to make videos to keep the interwebs buzzing. 

They would love it if you came to a show and brought them bags of Swedish Fish which, coincidentally, are actually made in the USA. 

Who knew?



Thomas Bergstig
Tap/ Keys/ Bass/ Accordion

Isaac Middleton
Tap/ Vocals/ Guitar/ Mandolin